Like A/B testing, but smarter.

Like machine learning, but easier.

Synference is an API that makes data-driven decisions. It automatically optimizes the metrics you care about by learning to make the right decision for each user.

Built on reinforcement learning

Decide/Update Reinforcement learning is machine learning for ongoing decision making. It's suitable for a wide variety of applications, such as banner optimization, pricing, and customer retention.

More effective than A/B testing

Faster than A/B testing Like A/B testing, our system runs experiments to detect relevant patterns. Unlike A/B testing, our system automatically segments your population and exploits results as testing continues.

A simple workflow

Set up a decision task using our dashboard, and then complete your integration with two simple RESTful API calls:

Request decision Request decision

1. Get the optimal decision by sending user attribute data:
>>> user_attrs = {"age": 32, "source": "google", "ipaddress": ""}
>>> synference_response = make_decision(user_attrs)
>>> synference_response['decision']['choice']
u'20% discount offer'

Send feedback Request decision

2. Send the outcome of each decision, so that the system can learn
>>> decision_id = synference_response['decision']['uniquekey']
>>> user_behavior = {"outcome": 14.99} # User spent $14.99
>>> update_decision(user_behavior, decision_id)

With these calls, Synference's statistical models automatically learn to predict the right decision for each user, dynamically, and in real time, to maximise future outcomes.

Monitor the process

While our automated system optimises your metrics, we keep you informed of segments and trends our system discovers them. We have built an industry-leading dashboard to expose this information to you in real time.

Find out more or Preview the dashboard